Trashbag NFTs:
Handling business while remembering that it's always party time.

Do you want to see what all this NFT stuff is about, but don't got $1,000,000 for a picture of a monkey? You'd rather not be part of a $70,000,000 donation to what turns out to be really crappy stick-figure drawings…? Well, look no further, because TrashbagNFTs and RTM Technologies have you covered.

(Mint NFTs)

What is all this mess?

It's all about the mullets (pronounced mu-lay). Rock the mullet, bay-bay (RTM). Take a look at all this fabulous hair (examples only - these ain't the real things)

example 5
example 6
example 7
example 2
example 3
example 4

Oooookay…what else?

It's also meant to celebrate the culture and humor of trashbag people, just like us, who don't take themselves too seriously. NFTs are supposed to be art, which ideally engages the imagination and lets people have fun. Remember when these were fun, before everybody hoarded and sold them for jillions of dollars? That's what we're going for - simple, ridiculous, unapologetic fun that makes everybody smile.

Selling points

We got a bunch of them - oh, and they're actually done! They're just waiting on you to purchase so you can admire their fine coiffes and carefully manicured exteriors. You can see examples below in our homemade ad campaigns (none of which will appear as actual NFTs in these combinations).

Besides being trashy, we're also cheap: 0.04 ETH (which seems to be worth less and less every day, so you're really not spendin' all that much). "Trashy AND cheap, you say? I'll take 12!"

Intellectual property - who owns it?

You do! When you buy one, you can do literally anything you want with it. When you sell one, you maintain rights to whatever you did before, but you don't get to do nothin' new. For example, if you ran a virtual talk-show with your Trashbag as the host, then you could continue to post your old videos but couldn't make new ones without the permission of whoever bought your NFT (unless you bought it back, in which case you could again engage in whatever foolishness you wanted).

Road Map

  • contract

    Step 1 through whatever

    (already done)

    Make stuff, get together them smart contracts, and organize everything so y'all can get 'em on OpenSea.

  • tell others

    Step 2-ish

    (you're here)

    Tell people about the Trashbags so they wanna buy 'em.

  • trash bag

    Step 3

    (July 5th is trash day!)

    Mint 'em, and rejoice in the power of the mullet.


At first, not a damn thing besides look awesome - anything else is mostly up to you.

If you have ever boarded a plane with everything you needed for your trip in an actual trash bag, then you're already a member of our club. Same way if you don't typically feel the need to church things up (and you get that reference). Now buy one of these and make it official!

Yes, you definitely can. Wigs have got you covered. (See, that's funny, because they literally cover your head…never mind…)

First off, we're gonna be ballers (by which we mean we're getting new bowling balls for our weekly beer and bowling extravaganza). Second, if/when we sell out, we're going to start holding some money back from resale revenues that will be spent on completely wasteful and utterly ridiculous purchases. We will then distribute details of these purchases to the Trashbag community for your general amusement. We all need to laugh, and if you can help do that in a trashy way, then you're all good with us.

What the hell is that? We may be trashy, but we ain't racists…and we don't go around puttin' on airs either. When it's time to take out the trash, if you want 'em, then come and get 'em - first come, first serve, with no dumbass hoops to jump through.

We used a bunch of different components to get what our coding nerds tell us is a set of 10,000 programmatically generated images that randomly combine various traits to form unique outputs. We hope we said that right…it basically means you get a whole bunch of pieces thrown together to make your very own NFT, which is at least a little different than every other one.

10,000 - pretty standard, and enough to get the point across without going so overboard that they're worthless in the future. We're trashy, but we don't want y'all to waste your money.

500, all of which will be randomly generated common versions (the same ones everybody else gets). We wanna get us some, but we ain't too greedy.

Because that's what Trashbag people want to pay. We don't got money to waste, but there's nothing wrong with gambling about a hundred bucks for the sake of amusement. If it gets to be worth as much as a monkey, then you'll also get to seem SUPER smart since they were so cheap to start with. Bonus.

No problem - we're here for you. For the Trashwhale people out there we have 10 completely unique NFTs as part of the collection. You can still be trashy, yet also refined and exclusive as befitting your whale status. The cost of these is 1 ETH each (which, again, with its recent plummet is not that much to a big whale like you). Whale to the king, bay-bay.

Like LOTS of them. We don't know who they'll be yet, but we intend to tweet Elon Musk, Tony Khan, and Jimmy Fallon* daily until they buy one or more of them. We'd also have to assume interest from David Spade, Tom Hardy, and one or more Cardassians (did I spell that right?), but who knows? Maybe some young pop starlets will want one too.

*Having Fallon talk about NFTs seemed to work out pretty good for them birds (and we won't even try to steal nothin' or hijack his Twitter account). COME ON JIMBO, HELP US HYPE THIS SHIT!

Example images and suggestions for what you could do with your NFTs

Here's a picture of a beer, which of course appears delicious but is otherwise bland and boring:

Sad Beer

Here's the same picture RTM-style. Which one do you want…?*

Happy Beer

*We realize that's a trick question - you want them both, of course, but you're really only gonna have fun drinking one of them…the other can be a sad beer by yourself.

Similarly, here's a dirty ole t-shirt you might have found in the trunk of your car. Good enough to wear to work, but nothing you'd want to rock-out with.

T Shirt

But how about now? That's one good-lookin' head of hair and everybody notices how awesome you are.

T Shirt Party

These are just suggestions, and you could probably come up with at least 3 more ideas on your own. Ultimately, how you trash it up will be up to you!

Who We Are

(If anyone cares.)

Lord Supreme Mullet

Your average Trashbag guy who did not have enough levity in his life and decide to change that.

Glitter Princess

A not-so-average pretty girl with a Ph.D., zero pretense, and love of silliness.

Two Pukes

Exactly as he sounds - gorging on life to the point of repeated vomit.


Mysterious, yet organized and responsible, grown-up who provides the rest of us with adult supervision (but he's still okay in spite of that).

Boo Lean

Self taught and proud of it. It may not look pretty (that's someone else's job), but it sure as hell will work when he's done with it.